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Haven’t had a guest post for a loooong time, but here’s one from my sister!

12/12/12 Guest post by Edward Jakab. His “next big thing“.

11/30/12 The “Next Big Thing” blog by Webbiegrrl Sarah R. Yoffa. Check out her self interview about The Banbha Series and get ready for my self interview about Andrew’s Tale on 12/5/12.

11/16/2012 A reminder that life is hard from Danilo in the Philippines.

I would like to add a couple of suicide prevention / hotline links to accompany Danilo’s post:
Philippines suicide prevention
General suicide hotline resource and phone list for the US

10/26/2012 Micro-blog photos from Danilo in the Philippines.

7/12/2012 “Call Me Kuchu”, a story of a Ugandan queer’s life and death, from David Weiss.

6/27/2012 Tom Christiansen‘s studio, Last Chance Gallery, sends his commissioned bronze sculptures off to the city of Duluth.

3/28/2012 Memories and stories about Dad, who passed away on March 25, 2012.

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