Cuffed and Stuffed

Alex thought about handcuffs in a very literal way. Hand cuffs─locking bracelets that kept two hands close together and kept at least one of the hands from doing something that it might really like to do. For instance, fleeing the other hand, and the arm to which it was attached. This was probably why he got so bored when Luke talked about them.

Luke, from Magic Rings Piercings, was prone to wax poetic about handcuffs. He equated any type of mind binding to a set of cuffs. To Luke, piercings, especially those outside the generic earlobe piercings, were a distinct type of mind binding. He had clients that were cuffed, or bound, at many different levels by piercings. Most of his clients were run of the mill. The guys and gals that wanted one or two earlobes pierced. Residing on the next rung up the piercing ladder were the ones that wanted several piercings in their ears, possibly even including the cartilage of their ears as sites. A couple more rungs up from there he placed the rest of the facial protrusion piercers. The ones with bars and rings in their noses, lips, tongues, and eyebrows. Next there were the hidden places piercers and the not so hidden, but painful places piercers. These folks pierced places like the back of the neck, top of the chin, cheeks, nipples, belly button, and skin on and around the genitalia. The top rung piercers Luke called the “cuffed and stuffed” crowd. These were the men and women, because he sure as hell didn’t pierce any minors in these areas, that pierced special sexual places─penial gland or clitoris─or any chunk of loose skin on their body simply for the pleasure of being pierced.

Alex rolled his eyes. He knew Luke pretty well and had heard the cuffed, bound and stuffed analogy, and examples of each rung, many times before. Luke first pierced his ears and gave him heavy gold, plated, rings. Next, both of his nipples. These had nicer looking silver bars that looked kind of like weight training bars. Recently, after the memories of his nipple pain receded, his lower lip was pierced with a bar that went in one side, exposed the bar on the inside of his mouth, and back out the other side. It made him look a bit mad when he smiled big, but he liked it anyway.

Sometime after the first piercing, which Alex paid for in more or less the same manner he paid Trenton, Alex started calling Luke “daddy, my daddy” at his request, which seemed a little weird, but the sound of it was cool. Alex realized that, mostly, Luke just really wanted Alex to have as much fun as he was having. There were times when Alex went to Luke’s place just to flirt and have sex, but Luke was always most interested after piercing Alex and that’s when he would plow Alex the hardest.

The lip piercing had been particularly painful for Alex and Luke could barely contain himself afterwards.

At the end of that session, Luke had already stripped off his shirt when he said “Okay, you’re good, get over to the couch.”

“Ow, fuch, I cann eben talk yeh.”

“You don’t need to talk, you need to get on the couch.” Luke growled through a snarky smile.

“Ofay, thaddy, I’m gonn. Wan Awex to thake hith thorts off, daddy?”

That had been a bit of a rough one. Alex had to keep swallowing blood from his bleeding inside lip while his head was two and a half feet lower than his butt and he kept getting pushed to the edge and then pulled back. It had been a load of fun, but he remembered that his lip hurt for two weeks after. Not to mention his butt.


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