Blood Victims

Be warned, this one might be a little dirty, ahem…

“Before you decide,” I casually mentioned to Eric, “there is one thing you might not know about ‘us’.”

“And what would that be sweetie?”

“Outwardly I have all the remnants of the bodily parts I had before I died, but nothing inside that gives them the same use.”

I could see the disappointment begin in his eyes, but his eyebrows just lifted up as if to say “And?”

“The only thing to come out of my orifices for one hundred and twenty five years is blood.  Also, the only thing that I have been able to take into my body has been blood.”

His eyes came together into a little squint and his head tilted to the side.  “Are you just trying to tell me you don’t swallow?”

Oh this one was clever that…

“While that is true young one, my point is only that we have one ‘natural bodily fluid’.  However, even though I don’t often do it, I can ejaculate.”

The smile curved onto his lips again and, through it, my love for him was like the moon shining among the stars.

“My cum just happens to be dark, red, warm, lustrous blood.  Believe me, that has really freaked out some of my dates in the past.”

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