Snow from a jet plane.
Snow from a jet plane.

A snowy field is so white it burns your eyes to look at the ground and it’s actually a relief to look into the blue sky. It’s white when it’s new and, like an old tee shirt, gathers dirt to it so it gets darker and smaller the longer it’s around. Have you ever had a snow cone or Hawaiian Shaved Ice? That, only less colorful…except yellow, if there are a lot of dogs in your neighborhood. Like sand on a beach, only less colorful and never warm to your naked toes. Snow doesn’t have a smell, but it tickles. Especially if you snort it into your nostrils as it is falling from the sky. Let it land on your tongue as it falls and all you taste is water…totally tasteless, unless we go back to the yellow stuff in your dog loving neighborhood. Just like a white velvet curtain draped on everything, snow muffles all sound…or maybe that’s partially the hat pulled down over your ears to keep them from being frostbitten.

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