Review of “Conditioned Response” by Marjorie F. Baldwin

Conditioned Response (Phoenician, #2)
by Marjorie F. Baldwin (Goodreads Author)

bookshelves: sci-fi-fantasy

Read from April 22 to May 24, 2012
An amazing first read by a new author to me, Marjorie (Friday) Baldwin. The book is hard to categorize, the enjoyment is not. A mix of futuristic Sci-Fi, romance with a touch of straight, bi, gay, trans-species lovin, political thriller, bio-engineering…you name it, there are threads in there!Two things that endear me to authors are books that have multiple plots and books with characters I relate to that are deeply developed. Having deep generational relationships integral to the plot, Conditioned Response fulfilled this beautifully.

The Phoenician Series,and Conditioned Response in my experience, develops a world both unique and real. One in which I might easily be able to adjust to!

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