One Fish, Two Fish, Big Fish, Little Fish – Silver Dawn by R. Scott Tyler

The release day has finally come for the second book in the SMUGGLERS IN PARADISE series, “ONE FISH, TWO FISH, BIG FISH, LITTLE FISH – SILVER DAWN.”

I have a bit of work to do on the paperback version yet, but the Ebook can be found at Amazon.

One Fish, Two Fish, Big Fish, Little Fish - Silver Dawn
One Fish, Two Fish, Big Fish, Little Fish – Silver Dawn

Here’s the book blurb:

Life continues to move on for the Ramos family. Julia’s death scattered some to the sea and broke others. After more than a dozen years most have recovered, at least outwardly.  Now one of her nephews begins a summer vacation on the South East Asian Sea with his dad and an old family friend that thrusts them into Triad danger, reignites old friendships and causes ripples in family relationships across the globe.

Follow the remainder of the Ramos family as they chase whispers, cross paths, sail the seas and learn more about the deadly people and games being played around each of them.

One fish: Steven continues to chase whispers concerning the unresolved death of his youngest sister while she was working as a singer in Shanghai.

Two fish: Katie, Steven’s other sister, takes over as matriarch of the Ramos family with her creative husband, Orlan. She eases her father into retirement, but little eases his soul.

Big fish: Boris has disappeared from the Ramos family. He has been pouring himself into his illegal business ventures and has made additions to his water transportation options.

Little fish: Steven’s son, Konnor, gets his first taste of the sea, and with it, more adventure than any of them bargained for.

Swimming out of the background among all these fish are two others from “Game of Wit and Chance”. Benjiro is back after having made peace with his dysfunctional family, his sexuality and his angst. Captain Cho also returns, albeit both tired and retired, to finally tell his side of Julia’s story.

There’s also a new school of sharks circling.

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