Lake Christine in Lutsen, MN

For the month of May, my travel and animal posts are all going to revolve around Lutsen, MN.  There are two reasons for that. Number one, it’s a beautiful place in the spring (as well as the summer, fall and winter). Number two, I’ll be spending a week there trying to get to the next level on my novel (as I become a year older).

I grew up in Northern Minnesota and spring is a lovely time there. Since it was basically below freezing for six or so months of the year, the new growth and young critters all hustled out soon after the snow melted or started to melt. It is a time with lots of flowers, green grass, leaves and baby animals.

My favorite things to do, next to writing while I’m staring out the window, are hiking the gravel roads, the many river trails up from the big lake, the frozen lakes in the winter to find otter holes and, of course, the Superior Hiking trail. On these hikes with partner and friends, we have been startled by Moose gracefully bull-dozing their way onto the trail ten feet in front of us, wolves and foxes trotting alongside the road ignoring our presence, deer, as well as all kinds of rodents and birds, including many bald eagles.

The beauty always surrounds us, but in the spring it is special with new growth. Probably my favorite flower is called, at least informally, the Indian Paint Brush.  Here is a great stand of them and a close up. Stop and smell the roses where ever you are and make sure by “roses” your definition includes all the flowers in your life.

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