Family reunion in Duluth

My entire immediate family, including spouses, significant others and children spent time in Duluth when my father retired in 1994 and again when my mother and father had their 50th wedding anniversary in 2004. This time the trip was for no better reason than we all needed to get away.

The weather was beautiful and one of the first things we saw upon arriving was The Assiniboine as it came into the Duluth Harbor.

We also spent a lot of time on the Canal Park boardwalk, walking off the calories that we found as various eating establishments.

Here was our picture from 2004:

50th Wedding Anniverysary
50th Wedding Anniverysary

Here we are this year. A few of the crew are missing because Tyler and his SO, Brigette, had to leave early and Karley had a rough night, so she didn’t make the picture session, either.

2013 - missing Tyler, Brigette and Karley
2013 – missing Tyler, Brigette and Karley

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