What can I give you…

I can give you…



(Some) Money

A call

A ring

My undivided attention

Power (over me)

Smart-allecky answers



Someone to walk with

My trust

My time, but I can’t give you anymore of your own 🙁

A house that love helped make into a home

Secrets that you can’t tell!

Secrets that you can tell (sometimes referred to as gossip!)

A big hug every morning

Flowers (actually all I give are Roses, but hey they’re flowers!)

Wild nights!

A lot of back-talk



Lots of advice

Some help painting

Self confidence

Someone to stay just a little bit ahead of on your bike

A massage

Some of my popcorn

A chance to learn and grow

Borrowed clothes

Warm cuddles

An argument for almost anything

Three taps on the side at 6:00 a.m.

Love (I figured that it deserved to be on the list twice)

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