Urban Dictionary Favorites

October 24, 2014: Full-Donald

To wear an outfit completely devoid of lower bottom coverings, in the style of Donald Duck.

Dominic turned up to the party Full-Donald, and was subsequently arrested for indecent exposure.


October 13, 2014: gram

To take a photo using Instagram.

Wait, hold it right there, I’ve got to gram this.


February 11: defecately

A more dignified way to say “Shit Yeah!” so you don’t sound uneducated in the presence of others.

“Excuse me, fine sir, but would you perhaps like a spot of tea?”

“Oh, defecately, that would please me so.”


January 24: Peehicular Manslaughter

While using urinal and the piss splashes back at you or the guy standing next to you.

Damn bro, here I am at this wedding looking all nice, and I just committed peehicular manslaughter on these nice ass slacks.


January 14: ninja sex

having noiseless sex (no squeaking springs or vocals) while one or more people are passed out in the same room.

li’l B was drunk and passed out in our room. we were horny, so we had ninja sex.


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