The Rumford fireplace

This is the time of year that I like to fill this thing with wood and sit with a book all evening.

The design is an interesting one called “The Rumford”, based on Count Rumford’s London design from around 1796. It has a tall, wide opening with a not-so-deep firebox and a flue restrictor whose purpose is to speed up air and improve updraft for a less smokey fire. The better updraft allows for the more shallow firebox, bringing the warmth of the fire closer to the front and more into the room.

I’ve spent many a pleasant Friday evening with my toes pointed at the fire and my nose buried in a book, with three happy dogs sprawled together, held back from the heat only by the fire screen.

About Bob

Bob has been a writer all his life. He has had to do many other things to buy groceries and make his car payments, but most of these things have involved writing, in one genre or another.
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