Special Holiday Treats

I remember when I was a kid eating lefsa with butter and sugar during the “holiday season”. At that time, the season was a couple of weeks long, or maybe the entire month between Thanksgiving and Christmas, at the most. As with so many things these days, there seems to be “holiday season creep”, and lefsa is available in stores earlier and earlier. That doesn’t mean I eat more of it, but somehow it does seem to make it less special.

Most of the people that made the lefsa I ate as a child have passed away, so my search for high quality, soft, fresh lefsa is made more difficult. I will say this though, Church holiday bazaars and bake sales are the places to hang out if you’re looking for fresh…find the oldest,¬†Norwegian looking person’s table and investigate their wares.

I admit, I already purchased my lefsa for this year from that secret church bazaar that I have gone to for many years. In truth, I couldn’t tell exactly who made which packages this year because the organizers put all the lefsa packages together in a single bin. I had to buy with no knowledge of the baker! Luckily, one of the packages I received contained two of the freshest pieces of lefsa…yummy!

There are a few different ways people eat lefsa, but my favorite is the simple way. Butter it up, sprinkle with white sugar, roll and enjoy.

Send me pictures and descriptions of your favorite holiday treat and I’ll publish it here as well.

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2 Responses to Special Holiday Treats

  1. Danny says:

    Oh I see that thing Ur eating is lefsa!! It tastes like pancakes doesn’t it? I wanna try

    • Bob says:

      Well, it might be like that (a thin, crepe style pancake) or maybe like a potato (instead of corn or flour) tortilla with butter and sugar!