Alexander, Brice, and Nico – bits and pieces

This entire post is a series of small slices of a story I am writing.  My plan is to just post bits and pieces here because I want to publish the entire thing later this year.  Hopefully, these teaser bits will give the reader an idea of what the story is about and create in them some sense of intrigue leading to desire to read the finished and published work.  I’m not posting this here because I’m bored.  I would dearly love feedback…your feedback…pretty please?

The first bite is always the best…

Alex lathered grape jelly onto the buttery, warm, whole wheat toast that Brice had laid in front of him, then leaned his face over his plate and carefully shoveled eggs onto a quarter section of the toast.  He raised it to meet his lowered mouth and crammed a quarter of the toast into his mouth.  His lips pushed some of the eggs off and his nose got a smear of grape jelly right on the tip, but the first mouthful was delicious and he closed his eyes as he chewed and swallowed.

Nico was tired and a little sore.

He really enjoyed driving, and he loved the power and control he had in his big rig, but he had pushed the miles a little too far these last eight hours.  He had traveled almost 440 miles, stopping only to let Gilbert use the bushes twice and to grab a bite to eat.  He had started out in Chapel Hill, NC where the Ackland Art Museum made its home.  The museum housed mostly traveling exhibits and he had the exclusive contract to haul for them because of his impeccable record of never once having damaged any of his freight.  Tonight he really wanted to get to Nashville, TN in time to see his favorite country singer, Kenny Chesney.  He had missed seeing him by days or maybe a week the last two times he had been through, but now he had made it.

After grabbing some awesome bar-b-q from a local dive that he knew well, he headed back to his rig to run Gilbert around the park.  This would give him plenty of time to catch a shower in the motel room he had rented to crash in after the concert and then head out.  In general, Nico wasn’t really into cowboys, but he did like tight blue jeans and a hat that looked like it had been worn and fitted to the wearers head.  Not to mention a pair of hot, shiny, brown rattlesnake boots with pointy toes.  Well, maybe he was a bit into cowboys now that he thought of it.  He didn’t wear any of this stuff because he simply wasn’t a cowboy and he didn’t want to look like a cowtart, which is what most of these type of guys were called in the bars back in LA.

“Well, tell me about the tat on yer chest then.”

Ugh, must have taken longer to get those clothes onto the counter when I was showering last time than I realized I guess.

“Well, I have no idea how you found that out, but it ain’t a secret.”  Unbuttoning his shirt down to his belly button he pulled it open to show the right side of his chest.  “This was my first tattoo and I designed it myself.”

Smiling, “Yep, get it, artsy, yer on the school paper with me.”

“Okay, well, you know what a heart is right?”  This got him a funky eye brow lift look thingy.

“Okay, okay, well it symbolizes a tough heart that, um, has experiences, um, maybe even sees some brokenness, you know, a crack here and there, a couple of serious shots straight through with big ass arrows, and, well, some self repair, you know, with the rope and chain going around it.”  He kind of spit it all out in a stream.

“I guess I also meant the rope to look like hemp rope.  Hemp, you know, like pot, marijuana rope, get it?”  This got him another eye roll thingy.

Alex looked down on the artfully combed thin hair.

The head attached to it continued to bob back and forth even though Alex had cum a couple of minutes ago.  He was already beyond the pleasure of the warm mouth on his organ and was counting up his cash, including the sixty bucks he had just earned with the bobbing robin below him. That’s $525 now I think. More than enough for the iPhone.

“Why’d you think there might be trouble?”

Brice just handed him back what was left of his sketch pad with a soft smile and a little shake of his head.  A lot of the drawings had been ruined, but it was pretty clear what the subject matter entailed.

“By the way, dude, Andy is nowhere near that big.  I’ve seen him in the shower.”  He held up his left pinky finger and wagged it back and forth.

This made Alex laugh…and the laugh made him wince in pain.

Kev’s at school?

Sniggering, “Yeah, but I’ve heard a lot of shit about priests and all.  If that’s the way it is, Kev might get along fine.”  With that Steve rolled off the edge of the bed with a “wump”.

“You okay dude?”

“Course, I’m just gettin up for some munchies.  You brought some , right?”

“You bet.”  He inhaled one last lung full and held it as he got out of bed and padded behind Steve’s big ass down the hall.

The boys sat at the kitchen table dunking double stuffs in milk and drinking Coke’s until Steve’s mother came home from her last job.  “Hello Alex.  You boys know you’re too old to sit around in your underwear don’t you?”  she said rolling her eyes and giving an arched eyebrow look to Alex’s “Hello Kitty” undies.

Both the boys giggled, which at this point was about all they could do.  She set the pizza box down in front of them and poured herself a big glass of milk.

Except for his face, this bouncer was hot.

He was maybe a couple of inches shorter than Alex and was built like a wrestler.  His legs were covered in black leather with western style boots and he wore a tank top with a skull and crossbones.  Muscles rippled everywhere on his body and Alex shivered just looking at his biceps.   Unfortunately his face was deeply pockmarked with heavy shadows under small dark eyes and it looked like his nose had been recently broken.  The bouncer furrowed his plucked eyebrows when Alex looked at him which caused Alex to smoothly continue to the “up” staircase.  Upstairs was apparently the “gender bender” bar.  He slipped in, again up against the back wall, and just watched the bar, the tiny tall tables and the postage stamp sized dance floor.  Because everything was so dark he didn’t realize right away that he had sidled in next to a 5 foot young girl.  She giggled at him and extended her hand.

“Hi, I’m Sonny.  What’s your name?”

“Hey, name’s Alex.”

She smiled and continued “This is the queer bar Alex.  You queer?”

He laughed out loud and answered “I’m the queerest guy I know.”

She nodded knowingly.  “You haven’t been in here before have you.”

“No I haven’t and thanks for talking to me.  I was gettin’ weirded out.”

“You 21?”

“…no, you going to turn me in?”

“You kidding?  I was going to buy you a drink to calm your nerves.”

“You mean you’re 21?”

“Hell yes dear.  Actually, I’m just 21, but it counts!  What do you want?”

“Captain Morgan and coke, thanks.”  Alex tried to hand her some wadded up money.

“Oh don’t worry about it sweetie, one of these nice young men is going to take me home tonight, I’m just sure of it.”

Alex thought about that as Sonny went for the drinks.  When she returned, he said “Aren’t most of the guys in here gay?”

“Sure…what’s your point?”

He could see her smallish breasts and swollen nipples through the low cut clingy shirt she wore and it suddenly dawned on him that he might not be able to see everything she had to work with.  Alex blushed from ears to toes.  “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anything…I’m a dumbass, just ignore me!”

Sonny just brushed the hair out of his eyes and smiled up at Alex.  “Maybe you’ll take me home, I really like tall boys.”

This made Alex blush crimson and smile like an idiot.  He had nothing to say to that.

She slipped her hand into Alex’s saying “Oh don’t worry about it.  I can tell when it takes more than a dick and balls to turn a guy on.  You look like you need a muscle boy to keep you in line.  How come you’re up here and not downstairs?”

“It’s my first time here.  I didn’t know if I could get by Mr. Muscle in the stairway.”

“Dear, you could get down there in a flash.  It’s me that can’t get down there.  Not that I want to go.  I like men that love to feel my skin and kiss, not slap my ass and strap me down.”

“By the way, his name is Jamie and he’s really kinda sweet.  He never plays downstairs; just guards the entrance.”

Alex spent the rest of his first night out at a bar talking with Sonny.  She was an independent contractor working as a web designer for a larger company in Miami.  She worked almost totally from home.  She was also going to school to become an acupuncturist and her hobby was being an on-line rentboy.  She talked him into letting her kiss him and, really, she was a great kisser.  Her skin was as smooth as oiled silk and he would work his tongue around Alex’s mouth in such a way that it stirred his groin.  Until he got a look at the breasts down the front of her shirt.  Then he went limp again and had to go back to his Captain Morgan and coke.

Sonny never did talk about what was going on with her skin, breasts or voice, but Alex didn’t care.  He was used to people that didn’t fit nicely into society’s pre-ordained slots.  He was happy he had met her.

Alexander finds out what its like in the big time. 

With some panic borne simply out of not knowing what was going on (and not being high) Lex piped up with “Wait a minute, I’m not merchandise, I’m a pet.”  Term looked at the blue hair, blue and black nails, tattoos and wings with squinty eyes.  “I’m a pet.”  Lex repeated, somewhat quieter.


Nico narrowed his eyes and swept his look down to the closely cropped bush, where a very happy snake was trying its best to get out of a sack of rocks. Then he looked back at Alexander and raised his eyelids high.

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