Pro-Life, Maybe a different Perspective?

Hearts of Love

I am Pro Life – A Statement of Faith

I am ‘pro’ the life of the teenager, raped by a member of her family, who does not want to become a mother.

I am ‘pro’ the life of the refugee child, who has traveled with hunger as a constant companion for the past year.

I am ‘pro’ the life of the Somalian man, who has been chased from his homeland at gunpoint and is now afraid of admitting to the faith he has held his entire life.

I am ‘pro’ the life of the would-be emigrant woman, who has no where to run and continues to be repeatedly abused in order to keep her seven year old daughter safe from armed terrorists who run her village.

I am ‘pro’ the life of the two year old son of a single mother, who without public assistance can not properly feed him or get him the medical attention he needs, even though her friends convinced her abortion was wrong when she was pregnant and initially feared she could not properly care for an infant.

I am ‘pro’ the lives of the Muslim American family who feel ostracized by politicians and people who brand them without knowing them.

I am ‘pro’ the life of every American who does not look like they are of European descent and is thus made to feel their belonging is somehow less legitimate, to the extent that they fear for the safety of themselves and their children at the hands of people emboldened by ignorant statements.

I am ‘pro’ the life of the Native American who looks on with sadness as the land he holds dear is pillaged for profit, ignoring warnings from almost every direction.

I am ‘pro’ life in every way that perpetuates respect for individuals and their choices for life, love and the pursuit of their own happiness.

About Bob

Bob has been a writer all his life. He has had to do many other things to buy groceries and make his car payments, but most of these things have involved writing, in one genre or another.
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