On this night, its color and fullness spoke of a passionate intensity. The focus, streaming through the branches, would not miss its intended target. Stirred from his slumber by the moonlight, Lortham stretched and his ears began to tingle, nose began to twitch.

He removed what clothing he was wearing and opened himself to the coming shift. It became easier with repetition and the lust grew stronger with every metamorphous. He became more relentless in his mid-moon hunting, so obsessed, in fact, that he lost everything else from his previous existence. He seldom wandered aimlessly when the fullness of the moonlight finally came.

This time was no different, except it was. Lortham’s eagerness was at a peak because of the human who captured his attention during this “between” period. Running with stealth, on paws wooly and adorned by claws capable of lacerating a path through fleshy obstacles, the moon-made beast was near his intended in under an hour. There would only be one chance. It had not been difficult to find a den near the old canal. For more than 200 years the area had been working class and the canal, just as old, provided trade access through the city.

He watched as Jacob turned to pull the paint chipped old door closed behind him and lock it, not noticing the glowing yellow eyes hidden behind overflowing refuse cans in the alley, tight against his home. Turning to the north, as he did every weekend evening, he stuck strong hands in tight jeans and headed for Legends. Lortham trailed him until they were within feet of the prepared den, then leapt and hit him hard in the shoulders with both front paws.

It was more difficult to pull Jacob into the den than Lortham originally anticipated. This was mainly because the shirt he was wearing kept tearing away and his jeans were too tight to get a solid mouthful without damaging what was underneath. However, now it was done, and Lortham gently mouthed Jacob’s neck, being sure to intermingle their blood. As day light broke, he used fingers dirty from the den to remove the remaining shredded pieces of his prey’s clothing. All was as he remembered seeing through Jacob’s ill covered windows.

He burrowed in close to ease the transitional pain and panting of Jacob’s reforming body, feverishly settling in to wait for the next evening’s luz de la luna and the orgone they were sure to share.

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