“Letters of Note” Thank you to my friend, Mary

As I was trying to dig through mountains of paper from being gone the last week, kicking myself for not blogging while I was gone, even though I barely had any internet access, and  pondering what to put in a Monday blog spot that is supposed to be based on quotations, I ran into an e-mail from my friend, Mary.

Mary is a thinking gurl, a quietly stand beside you and support you gurl and she’s partnered with another beautiful soul, a funner dynamic duo you haven’t met.

She sent me a link to a blog spot called “Letter’s of Note” and, specifically, to a letter written to Edith Mirrielee by┬áJohn Steinbeck when he was a young man and she was his professor of creative writing at Stanford.

It is a real eye opener, especially for those (of us???) that think “I can write a book” and start studying the mechanics of how to write a best seller while, potentially, forgetting the part about whether we can write a book anyone might be interested in reading.

If you are a writer, or maybe even more importantly, a wanna be writer, read this…and consider moving to Europe.

“Letters of Note” letter by John Steinbeck.

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