Hookers and Blow

Did I get your attention? That probably worked better than “cousin’s get together 2012” or “MN State Fair music and the Summit Brewing Stage”.

I suppose that’s part of the reason the band named themselves “Hookers and Blow” in the first place. My cousin’s partner is very musical and has played with several bands around the Twin Cities including “Hookers and Blow” and “The Honeydogs”. We have a pretty tight knit group of cousins that enjoys getting together regularly on my Mom’s side of the family.┬áThis year, the state fair seemed like the perfect idea. What could be better than a corn dog and a beer after work on Friday night…well, just add a great cover band, hookers and blow…No, I mean add Hookers and Blow…a great cover band…well, you get the picture.

Steven plays trumpet and he’s on the far right of the picture in the grey t-shirt…playing the trumpet, duh.

The crowd was an eclectic mix, but I fit right in with my slightly paunchy stature and greying hair…hell, at least I have hair, look at the guy in front of me! As usual, only the women had the balls to get up and dance, although after an hour of drinking beer, several of the men around went up to dance as well…while holding their drinks…this makes for really funky dance moves, don’t yah know.

I’m pissed that I don’t remember the woman’s name that sang with them because she had a great voice and a presence on the stage that only a big beautiful woman can┬ácommand. She surprised the crowd with a terrific rap piece about half way through the first set. The band itself really owned the Blondie, Stevie Wonder and Chicago songs that they played. I’m a little picky about weird sounding notes, rifs or lyrics and I heard none that night.

H$B (as their t-shirts proclaim) brought energy and music to the Summit stage this year at the fair and opened my eyes to another fun local band to look for on weekends when I want to just have fun!

If you’re looking for more information on the band go here -> Hookers and Blow.

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