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Here are a few interesting travel blogs, many focused on the Philippines, but others from around the world:

I’m excited to link this new site just recently released by my friend, Gillian Gaucumo, a journalist who writes for one of the large newspaper publications in Manila. I met up with him on my last trip to the Philippines and hope to visit him again during my next trip.

A new site I found via Instagram –> Justin Vawter has a variety style blog, but a lot of good information about some popular Philippines travel sites.

Here’s another Philippines travel site –> Pusang Kalye – I don’t just blog travel, I live it.

Eating and traveling –> Dish Our Town

Travel site for the Philippines I’ve followed for a long time on Instagram –> Pinoy Travel Freak

The Poor Traveler

Murray on Travel

Here’s an interesting option for hiking tours around the globe, I had a great hiking holiday in Italy with them. –> Holiday Fellowship

Great website, great stories, told well –> Explore Inspired

Pretty complete Philippines travel site –> Traveling Morion

A blog that includes travel in Asia –> Excuse My French

Kind of a general blog, but a lot of information on the Philippine as well –> Urban Tribe

A couple of new good ones –> The Big Black Backpack and The Curious Traveler blog spot

How about this? –> Daily Voyage

Singer / travel writer, Mikah Meyer, here

Here’s a gay couple’s travel blog. It’s quite popular and called Nomadic Boys: two greedy boys exploring the world.

Here are the countries I’ve visited… Looking at it like this makes me think I have a lot more exploring to do…

My Lakbayan grade is D!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

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