Game of Wit and Chance – Cover Next Steps

When I first looked at the two top options for my cover, I loved the look of the brown cover. It was ominous. The spidery boat, the sea and the islands reminded me of the inspiration for this story. It reminded me of the first time I traveled to the Philippines.

However, I thought I was going to go with the second cover. The second, or blue, cover had a person as the focus, and the model reminded me of what I thought my primary protagonist might look like.

Then came people power. The people that shared their opinion changed my mind. So very many people liked the brown cover of the ominous and spidery looking beached boat at low tide that I chose it. And I’m loving it!

I still have some wording changes, but here’s the latest rendition, thanks for being part of the process!

Game of Wit and Chance Cover Draft
Game of Wit and Chance Cover Draft

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