Equality and Justice

Another step along the road of equality and justice for all…

Supreme Court of the United States declares same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states.

Whether you’re gay or straight, man or woman, married or single, black, brown or white…be proud that same-sex people are now one notch closer to equal.

It’s not about actually taking part in the act of marriage…hell, there are many straight people that take part in that act many times in their lives and it still seems to mean nothing…it’s simply the fact that same-sex people now have the same right and privilege to do so.

Thank you to all the people and organizations that brought the issue this far!

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2 Responses to Equality and Justice

  1. Caddy Rowland says:

    What a historic day!

  2. Bob Tyler says:

    Isn’t it though! Thanks for commenting, Caddy. Hugs.