Dojo Boys: Dragon and Crow, by Alex Akira

Dojo Boys: Dragon and Crow is an engaging read, recommended to me by respected author and friend, Andrew Ashling. Alex Akira has written a complex story of romance, abuse and lives of Dojo training. The first of a two book series, Dragon and Crow is an entanglement of dance, karate, crime detective, child abuse and revenge, all played out within a complexity of character(s).

Alex does a respectable and believable job of developing a very complex, multi-personality character which the story revolves around. This group of personalities, especially, are real and affectionate, while creating lots of drama.

The editing is a bit of a challenge. The use of “whom” rather than who, throughout drove me a little bonkers, but it certainly will not stop me from reading the second half of  the story, which I just downloaded to my Kindle. 

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