Celebrating Christmas is more than what I happen to believe as a Christian. It is not about how much stuff I get from friends, family and coworkers and I hope it isn’t about beautiful wrapping paper and decorations or tables laden with food I shouldn’t and don’t normally eat.

I want Christmas to be a time to reflect on those people that are in my life and are sacrificing or have been in my life and have sacrificed for me. This isn’t a huge number, but they are out there and I believe they know who they are. I celebrate with some of them, sharing time, gifts, food and memories. Others are unavailable to me on this occasion, but I think about past times I spent or future times I will spend with them and feel both sadness and happiness.

I wish all my friends and family a great holiday, memories of happiness past and the joy of future happiness.


Here are some great stories for this season.

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