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The Philippines – August 2014, part 2 El Nido Islands

The Municipality of El Nido in Palawan is one of the best beach destinations in the Philippines. I would argue that it’s one of the best in the world, but if you google ‘best beach destinations in the world’ you … Continue reading

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World Water Day 2014

You’ve heard about the “top 1%”, but have you heard about the “bottom billion”? How often do you think about water during your day? Never Sometimes Nearly all the time When you think about water, is it… To find some … Continue reading

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It can be used up, but it will never run out. It can be straddled by standing with one foot on either side of a line. It seems to stand perfectly still during a bad speech, but it waits for no one. My nephew wants … Continue reading

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Weisman Art Museum Visit

The Weisman is a local favorite of mine. They are currently hosting a photography exhibit of the history, landscape, culture and inhabitants of what most people think of as Siberia. There are two large gallery spaces with close to 100 photographs … Continue reading

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