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What’s up with one US citizen telling another US citizen ‘you shouldn’t be here’ or ‘go back to your own country’?

Unless you are a Native American Indian, you are an imigrant to this land. Europeans took the land, and everything in it, from the natives through force. Go back far enough in your lineage and you too, will find that you came here from another land. It might have been an anglosaxon land, who knows, but it’s highly unlikely you’re a ‘American’ native. The way some people rant and rave and bear false witness against their fellow American citizens, maybe their ancestors are the ones that should have been turned away.

Also, if America shut its door against the poor, people who spoke languages other than English, people of different skin color, different eye shape, different religious beliefs, different levels of intelligence or physical ability there would be no America as we know it today.

By the way, for the ranters that call themselves Christians out there, God’s ninth commandment is “Thou shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” Look it up again, then start thinking about what you will say as justification of your actions to God at the pearly gates.

Oh, think maybe you have a loophole regarding the definition of ‘neighbor’? Check out another passage from that book you like to quote.

God's definition of neighbor
God’s definition of neighbor

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