A quote from upcoming novel “Alexander’s Tale” by R. Scott Tyler

The stare must have burned into the artist’s consciousness, because he looked up and smiled right at Nico.

Gilbert then glanced over and stood up, wagging his tail at Nico. That was the precise moment that Nico realized Gilbert was not in his truck and that the artist was laying on one of his packing quilts. Neither one of these things was a big issue, but it did mean that this amply bottomed artist had been inside his truck.

“Stay” he said loudly to Gilbert as he held out his hand in the universal halt signal. There was really no need to do this, as Gilbert knew the rules, no running to Nico unless called. Gilbert decided to make it clear Nico was over-communicating, so he sat down.

Nico strode over to the side of his truck and Alexander moved to sit back on his haunches. He stuck his hand out, saying “I’m Nico, you must be…?” he wasn’t going to make any assumptions here.

Laughing, the young man grabbed his hand and hauled himself to his feet. “I’m Alexander, dude, really cool to meet you!”

Nico leaned down and picked up the abandoned sketch pad. “I see you’ve been sketching my dog…”

“Yeah, he is so cool and he has the best eyes…”

Nico interrupted with his continued statement “…who used to be in my truck…on my packing quilt, which also used to be in my truck.”

“Oops, first mistake?”

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  1. Trudy says:

    Clever, I like it.